IP Brundahl`s Blue Amadeus







Description of Miakis:

Miakis is born the 6. august 2002 under the name Amadeus. But we had before we take over him, resolved that with to

 us go to be named Miakis, when i have an special relation to this name.

And he come, so and win.  Took our hearts out of mere the gale, like a lovely cat can. Is vent some days within our female Knirke, totally accept him, but through a week's time, was the worst difficulty over.

Now an years later he is a large lovely male cat. Namely that some time behaving he like a dog. Coming there visitors, it is him who consignee them in the door, he is to accompany in all that happen in this house. And if he's on crow weigh, and we raise voice a little and say ”Miakis – what there are now you doing ”? – so look he on to us, after which he throw him on the back, stretch him and do him totally amazingly gorgeous, as if he think ” arh – the do not that insult me out, when i'm looks so sweet and lovely out ”!! – and there has he after all totally right in, we do not. But he's likewise that large charmer, and so is he a little of a lummox. He aren't so elegant in his movements, which Knrke. Regularly trying he the same exercises which she, but most times go that wrong, which means. that he falling down!!! – and it seems that he actually do it is fun. Knirke seem to ”challenge” him in that discipline, and he participates with pleasure in the game, even though that ends that he coming wrong away. No – she's namely right sly, and he is just so spontaneous and cheerful!!!.


Miakis got kastreret at the beginning of February 2004. That was a something blended experience. Kastrationen vent such as it should, but he had much hard at to wake up again, after anaesthesia. So we was need to ride to vet with him at night, to he could get another spout to wake up on. That assisted, but that was first on the morrow to we had ”the good old” Miakis again. That was and is an experience we rather had been beside, but that vent luckily good.




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