Maximillian vom-Salzbachtal DM

Born 26-10-2005



August 2006



Maxi with his BIV Cup and NOM medal from

the World Show in Maastricht.


Male:   EC. Erasmus v. Salzbachtal


Female:  CH. Djagilevs Odelia Rinska


You can read further about his dad Erasmus and mom Odelia here:





Maxi comes from Martina Latzke in Germany. We got Maxi the 28. January 2006. He has taken us with storm and he just has walk into our hearts. He is such a wonderful cat, not just the way he looks, but also with his temperament. If we are looking at him just purr and want to be cuddled.

We have to tanks to Martina this wonderful boy. We hope and think that he will give us some very good and nice-looking kittens in the future.

Maxi was at his first show in the weekend 2 and 3 September as an adult. He become BIS with all votes from six judge. Maxi was nominated in the FiFe World Show in Maastricht the 28/29 October and got the BIV in adult class fertile.`



Maximillian-BOB2-Schwerin08 (Medium)

October 2008

Maxi was BOB 2, in Schwerin october 2008