Litter D

Born the 23. January 2006.



Female:  DK CH Kirstejns Blue Potamia

Male: IC FIN Zarin Archie


Potamia give birth den 23. January 5 kittens

 4 females og 1 male.


The names are African.



Kirstejns Blue Dafina (female)


   Dafina is mowing to Århus first in June.


Kirstejns Blue Dalila (female)


                       Dalila live together with here sister Dericia in Ishøj.



Kirstejns Blue Dericia (female)


                  Dericia live together with here sister Dalila in Ishøj




Kirstejns Blue Dundika (female)


        Dundika live together with Ecaterina from Litter E, on the island Lolland.



Kirstejns Blue Danjuma (male)


     Danjuma now live in Germany, together with

4 other Russian Blue cats.


Upper: Danjuma

Lower: Dundika, Dafina, Dalila og Dericia


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Pedegree Potamia