Knirke Potemus af Nelja DK





Description of Knirke:


Knirke are a small, and incredible pretty female, such as it is seen by above picture. But she's his own lord, she do only that's herself would. How Miakis are amazingly kittenish and sociable, are Knirke more reserved, she'll only pet with when thats right to her, and are we getting visit disappears she such as steam too the sun, and coming generally first of all out again when there is a little more quiet in the house.

When she was a small kitten, would she with pleasure underlie duvet in 15 minute or thereabout, too so that lie down in the end af the beed, that's do she almost nevermore, - unfortunately, too she's after all herd queen, and chooses an more centrally place, how she can foresee the situation. To Miakis (our neutralize male) are she much forbearing and indulgent. She's right sly, and challenge with pleasure Miakis to balance game. The to cats are much happy at each other, and trying we to divide them, is not possible.

Knirke have gotten 2 litter off kittens. A task she have take care of perfect. No problems of any kind. She's amazingly draw to attention by his kittens need. Currently (january 2006) expect she her 3. litter. We have considered to neutralize her after this litter, when she not right good

suffer to get birth-control pills. She can thereafter be allowed to be living peaceful and quietly, and delight in her retirement together with her daughter Potamia and her grandchild Trunte (and all the other).


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