SC DK Kirstejn`s Blue Emanushka

Born 23-01-2006




August 2006



Emanushka  03. April 2007




5 week


Description off Emanushka:


CH DK Kirstejn`s Blue Emanushka (Nushka) is born on 23.1.2006. Her mom is our Knirke and her father is EC Silvergrey Paragon Blue Fiver.


When we finally took the decision to keep Nushka, were we relieved. Because it was not meaning that we have more cats. But this little pretty cat, she charm her into our hearts. and when we now finally have got a kitten, which look like some that we usually would forward to in our breeding, so then we have to keep her ourselves. we think that she represent the good from the Scandinavian, English and American line.

We er anxious about this ”look” will change gradually as she grow up. Hopefully it will not.


She is a very loving and calm little cat. She is trustful, and do not let her easy frighten. Like all the other cats, love she to lie underneath the duvet.


Emanushka has become BIS 3 times as kitten.


In the weekend 31. March and 01. April 2006, she become BIS (Fertile class) both day.


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